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My adventure

I’ve always wanted to just stop time for a bit. Like that movie Stopwatch (or something like that). I’d get up early, stop time, and sleep for a few more hours. Whenever I wake up I always think, “oh this would be a good time to do it!”

The agony! It sounds so good to sleep right now

I liked my makeup.

I liked my makeup.

Going on dates is stupid. I don’t know why people have to put a label on getting to know someone to see if they’re relationship material. It makes it too formal and nerve wrecking for my taste.

And I have two different dates this week. This is annoying.

So much to be happy about.

My job is amazing, the industry itself along with the salon I work for and the people I work with

My family. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and amazing family.

My friends. Who they are as people, how they love me and how I love them.

My life is good, it’s great. I’m so thankful. How could I be anything less? And I need to remember that.

Missing you a lot.

Missing you a lot.

I’m already thinking of you.

Can everyone fuck off for maybe, like, one second? Seriously.