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If you’re that turned on and excited about 50 Shades of Grey then you need to get laid more often.

It is. Companionship is comforting, it’s really lovely. The love and passion you feel towards someone and having them feel the same is… breath taking.

Relationships are not always the answer though.

Just because you two feel so strongly towards each other doesn’t mean it’s always right. And some times it’s not always just because you live further or your schedules match. Sometimes it’s just not right for you to be in that position.

To be in a relationship, you need to compromise everything. Most of your attention and energy is focused on your significant other. And sometimes, that’s not right for you.

Remember to focus on yourself sometimes. Let yourself go wild, let loose, explore yourself and places and experiences. Being by yourself is ok. This life is yours. Find out who you are first before you find out who someone else is. Have a nice journey. Remember to think of yourself.

Only fish we caught yesterday.

Only fish we caught yesterday.

I’m the brokest I’ve ever been, but I’m also the happiest.

"This is just so surreal, this moment of us laying on this hill, at this concert, together."

"This is just so surreal, this moment of us laying on this hill, at this concert, together."

Nice day with my best friends.

A bunny that’s been locked in his cage for days getting set free and hopping around the room.

Seeing an old friend you havent seen in years and it’s like no time has passed.

An open field filled with daisies and sunflowers.


Crawling into bed on a Friday after a long week of no sleep and long work hours with no work the next day.

A stranger’s smile.

Old and new love letters.

The smell of your favorite food for dinner.